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Through the years, I have had the privilege of working with many great companies and individuals alike. Whether I was working with a client one-on-one or sitting beside development titans at a tech company, I learned together we can do great things. Today's SLDC methodologies allow us to communicate often in short, inclusive daily agile stand-ups, analyze, iterate, prototype and build faster. It's very exciting and I love being a user experience designer!

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Human-Centered Design

Putting the client's experience first leads to successful products.

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Modern Design System

Stewardship of the company style guide keeps development costs low and designs consistent.

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Well-versed in visual design fundamentals, typography, color theory, brand communication and UI principles.

UX is a team sport!

My Design Process

Complex client pain points can be solved using smaller, simple steps

Understand the client's pain points

Written or verbal communication with the client helps me understand what problems need solutions. Sometimes, my clients are the product managers or company executives. After I understand what's needed, I research and think about possible design solutions that match the company design system.


Wireframes and Prototypes

In the beginning, I'm full of ideas of what the solution will look like. I create simple wireframes, hand-drawn storyboards and/or prototypes to visually explore how a user will complete a task. Sometimes, I'll go back and forth in a proofing process with the client or product manager until the UI is ready for approval.


Testing and gathering feedback

Let's see what sort of feedback and data we can gather from our customer using the prototype. Did they have a hard time completing a particular task? Would certain components be better of here and bigger? This exploratory and collaborative process can take several rounds of proofs, but ultimately it will make the user experience even better.


Release the final product

The client loves the finished design! Time to hand it off to the developers. This begins a phase of the project where I'll polish the prototype, add any special notes to the artboards and confirm everything is still in line with our company's design system. I shoot for pixel-perfection. If the developers have any concerns, I'm happy to help edit the css to make it just right.

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