SaaS User Interface (UI) samples with UX explanations

Reorganized workflow allows system to automate services on cohorts of loans.
LB Processing Automation
All-in-one page to view outstanding conditions and guidelines to satisfy them.
Complex pricing form broken into categories, keeping most of it above the fold.
Interface allows users quick access to organize documents and clean the data.
MSR Scout
Filter area on the dashboard page allows user to see specific results.
Layered complex filter component remains unintrusive to workflow.
Expandable table rows offer additional functionality.
Third party services rendered inside system using design guidelines.
High level tasks are focal point to users needing to address issues.


LoanLogics Style Guide
Interactive style guide allows developers maintain consistent component code.
LoanBeam Style Guide
Common design library allows for scalable solutions with resuable components.
LoanLogics Style Guide Dark
Style guide nested inside platform, visible to the user with the proper roles and rights.

Mobile UI designs

Graphic design samples

Portfolio Collection
AEA magazine cover Icons Comfy Soles LoanHD Analytics The Silwood Group Personas Energy Armor Research Poster Loan Decisions MERS Carolinas Kilowatt Crackdown Tagxedo

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